Temple Bruer was once the second wealthiest Templar preceptory in England, after London. The surviving 13th century tower originally formed part of the Templar church. The 13th century tower is one of a pair of towers that was once attached to the chancel of the circular-naved Templar church. It is one of the few Templar sites still to have standing remains and its importance is recognised by the fact that it is a Scheduled monument and a Grade I listed building. The interior walls are covered in masons marks and centuries-worth of symbols carved and scratched into the stone. There are many apotropaic symbols such as daisy wheels, pentangles, triquetras, interlocking ‘V’s and ‘M’s. Perhaps these were added by locals after the Templars were arrested and taken to Lincoln Castle, accused of devil worship, infanticide and many other transgressions. It’s worth taking a torch with you if you’d like to take a closer look at the walls and ribs!


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