• The Movo Deluxe Essentials Camera Cleaning Kit Includes a Rocket Air Blower, Tin-Oxide Camera Sensor Cleaner Liquid, APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab (x10), Lens Pen, Plush Cleaning Brush, 9 x 9″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (x2), 6 x 6″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (x2)
  • SOFT SENSOR BRUSH: Used to remove dust and particles from the sensor and other electronic parts; ROCKET AIR BLOWER: Used for Gentle and Chemical-Free Dust Removal from hard to reach areas;
  • SENSOR SWABS: Used in combination with the CLEANING FLUID to safely remove any dirt and debris from your APC-S camera sensor
  • LENS PEN: Carbon-based formula effectively cleans lenses, LCD’s & more9″ & 6″ MICROFIBER CLOTHS: Super soft material safe for all types of optics and electronics


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